• Leading Like Jesus

    Kevin Simington & Dr. Keith Farmer | ISBN 9780645880908 An essential book for everyone in Christian leadership of any kind. “This book is both edifying and profoundly disturbing. It shines a light on the dysfunctional leadership trends that have infiltrated the contemporary church in recent times and points the way forward for personal and corporate […]

  • Kids & Money: How to Raise a Financially Savvy Generation

    A must-read guide for parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles and family friends who want to invest into the financial success of their children. Simple wisdom you can teach your kids! About the authorPhil Strong is a successful published author who loves to share insights based on real-life situations and teach principles that are easy to apply. […]

  • The Next Exceptional CEO

    Good, Better, Best. And then there is Exceptional. FACT: In 2020, approximately 214 million companies existed worldwide. Most of those had a CEO. The sad reality is that too few CEOs are genuinely exceptional. PROOF: Irrespective of size or sector, very few organisations, get recognised for outstanding performance and sustainable excellence. AMBITION: Be real in […]

  • Meeting Life’s Challenges

    By Brooks C. Wilson | ISBN 9780645553581 Meeting Life’s Challenges is the life story of Brooks C. Wilson OAM, a Christian businessman born in Sydney, Australia in 1933. A successful businessman who studied at Harvard Business School, Brooks has achieved remarkable success in the corporate world, combining his faith with a high-powered career. This powerful […]

  • Business Success

    By Tony Gattari | ISBN 9780648084532 Business Success draws upon the real-life business experience of Tony Gattari who, as head of Harvey Norman’s Computer & Communications Division, oversaw the growth of the division from $12 million to $565 million in revenue in just nine years. Based on this experience and having also worked as a […]

  • The Kingdom Entrepreneur Devotional

    By Andrew & Mona Hanna | ISBN 9780645411799 Is your business struggling to reach its maximum potential? Then The Kingdom Entrepreneur Devotional is a must-read if you desire to change the direction of your business. Through short, engaging leadership and entrepreneurial reflections, combined with scripture, prayer and practical contemplations, this powerful business devotional provides a […]

  • Redefining Success According to Jesus

    By Dr. Omar Djoeandy | ISBN 9780645337051 What is a successful life? What will it take for you to be a success? We seek success in our career, family, relationships and spiritual lives, but ‘success’ is elusive, fleeting and addictive. We reach a high only to want more with the next upgrade, promotion or achievement. […]

  • Leadership Lessons From the Life of Dr. Ian Jagelman

    By Dr. Ian Jagelman | ISBN 9780645227758 The life and times of Dr Ian Jagelman span decades, industries and continents. In this collection of stories and reflections, Ian gives us a rare glimpse into the events, relationships and experiences that formed the foundation of his trailblazing work in ministry-leadership paradigms. From adventurous beginnings in ballroom […]

  • Navigating Community Conflict

    By Alan Kelsaw | ISBN 9780645256925 When conflict erupts and disrupts your leadership, you can flounder. Or you can use the principles, strategies and resources outlined in this book to help you flourish, thus equipping you to lead faithfully, effectively and strategically as you navigate community conflict through to a successful completion. Navigating Community Conflict […]

  • Becoming Money Wise

    By Phil Strong | ISBN 9780645165715 Build your Brilliant Financial Future If you are struggling to get from payday to payday, your relationships are suffering from financial stress, or your rainy day fund is constantly depleted, then read this book! Phil Strong’s tried and proven strategies have already helped thousands of families and individuals achieve […]

  • Subtitles

    By Shadi Alxander | ISBN 9780645015317 We are living in a world and at a time desperately in need of good leadership.  SUBTITLES is a practical take on leadership, addressed primarily to Christian leaders both within ministry and corporate contexts.  This practically written handbook,= is a wonderful guide for leaders, advocating leadership excellence throughout multiple […]

  • Grit, Grace and Hustle: A faith gal’s guide to authentic success

    By Rachel Reva | ISBN 9780648919476 Grit, Grace and Hustle: A faith gal’s guide to authentic successFor the ambitious, professional, Christian woman who is ready to step into the destiny God created her for. If you are an ambitious gal who leads with heart and knows she is meant for something BIG, then this book […]

  • Marketplace Ministry

    By Ross Walker | ISBN 9780648938095 Have you ever felt an inner prompting to share your faith with someone and then struggled to find the right words? Or perhaps you see a friend or work colleague in difficult circumstances and want to offer a word of encouragement. Your heart aches for them and although your […]

  • The You Economy

    By Matt Danswan Are you ready for the rise of the gig economy? It’s coming to a town and city near you. In fact, it is already here. The gig economy initially just impacted junior roles. Now it is affecting senior roles and all areas of employment. Jobs are being sent offshore and replaced by […]

  • Marketing Success

    By Tony Gattari and Shaun Mooney Dramatically increase your profits by using practical strategies that won’t break the bank.Marketing Success draws upon the real-life practical experience of Tony Gattari, who headed up the Harvey Norman computer and communications division for nine years, overseeing the growth from $12 million to a massive $565 million in 9 […]

  • Practical Prayer Keys to Business Success

    By Ingrid Gattari Christian business people are a powerful force in the Kingdom as it’s through their influence lives change significantly. But for many business folks, once they start going to church and helping others, suddenly it can seem doing the day to day of business becomes a lot harder. Practical Prayer Keys for Business […]