Leadership Lessons From the Life of Dr. Ian Jagelman

By Dr. Ian Jagelman | ISBN 9780645227758

The life and times of Dr Ian Jagelman span decades, industries and continents. In this collection of stories and reflections, Ian gives us a rare glimpse into the events, relationships and experiences that formed the foundation of his trailblazing work in ministry-leadership paradigms.

From adventurous beginnings in ballroom dancing and global tax, Ian’s heart ultimately found its place in the praxis of biblical academia and front-line ministry. While cheekily wearing the title of ‘black sheep’ in the Australian C3 Church movement, Ian’s teaching and prophetic ministry stretched across the Church in Australia and around the globe.

King David declared that a call to leadership was a call to skillful hands, integrity of heart and a shepherd’s grit. This indeed was the call on Ian’s life, a call he has answered for sixty years – a call that is still bringing great blessing to every tribe, tongue,and nation.

A legacy trove of Dr Ian Jagelman’s teaching is freely available at: jagelman.org