NOT Business As Usual

By Matt Danswan | ISBN 9780995421585

NOT Business As Usual is a business book and autobiography, wrapped into one. Matt Danswan, the founder and CEO of Initiate Media, a global Christian media and advertising company, shares his personal story of his business path, and the God lessons learned along the way. Growing up wanting to be a professional surfer, he felt the call away from the ocean to business in his late teens.

While there was always the desire to do something for God, certainly being in Christian media was never a desire. However when he entered the Christian marketplace and God unveiled a seeming unattainable, debt-free vision, it was one that caused him to work closely with his Creator to work out how to bring it to pass.

NOT Business As Usual is not your textbook-style business book, but rather focused on helping Christians in business – as well as anyone who wants to achieve something great – find the ‘God way’ for their life. So if you’re looking for a different perspective on doing business or life, this book may just change your life.