Outside-In Downside-Up Leadership

Outside-In Downside-Up Leadership

For over a decade, Jason T. Smith led his business with a traditional vertical organisational structure that mostly worked – up to a point, anyway. Then something changed. An ambitious target was set, and it seemed the team just stopped working. Fast-forward two years, after months of intentional learning, soul-searching, testing and probing, Jason found the sweet spot between distributed authority and peer accountability.

This ignited a leadership revolution. Through an innovative approach to organisational design called ONEteam™, they achieved their strategic intent of 7/50/100: a brand presence in 7 states or territories, generating revenues of near $50 million, in more than 100 locations. This book is their story – warts and all.

Jason T. Smith is a dynamic business and health thought leader, award-winning entrepreneur, and acclaimed physiotherapist. He founded the Back In Motion Health Group from his garage in 1999, leading a team of more than 600 professionals in over 100 locations across Australia and New Zealand.

He has made a career out of radically challenging the norm and pioneering fresh business paradigms. Jason shares his vision, drive, and expertise through active leadership in industry bodies, community organisations, CEO groups, and special interest forums in Australia and beyond. He sits on multiple corporate and NFP boards, and consults widely on leadership, strategy, and governance.


“…an insightful read [that] provides a much needed and timely
resource for any business owner or CEO wanting to take their journey
into the full potential of the future of business.”
Jeremy Scrivens | Director, The Emotional Economy at Work

“Be challenged to think in this new and agile way, and not settle for an inferior traditional approach to leading teams and managing processes.”
Peter Irvine | Co-Founder, Gloria Jean’s Coffees Australia

Outside-In Downside-Up Leadership fills a missing link for
entrepreneurs who hit the wall because of the limitations of traditional methods of organisational management.”
John Sikkema | Chairman, Halftime Australia