Practical Prayer Keys to Business Success

By Ingrid Gattari

Christian business people are a powerful force in the Kingdom as it’s through their influence lives change significantly. But for many business folks, once they start going to church and helping others, suddenly it can seem doing the day to day of business becomes a lot harder.

Practical Prayer Keys for Business Success teaches readers how to win the war raging over their business, family and lives. Not every battle will be won but an incredible change will occur in the heart of the person praying. A healthy got-it-together business owner equates to a more successful business.

The Keys shared in this book have been tried and tested by other business people; some share their real life story of how God, through prayer, gave them strategies and wisdom to win those difficult customers or solve that unsolvable financial issue.

Reading this book is only the start, putting into practise the keys shared is where the miracle will unfold. Once you do, hang onto your seat, God will surely move.

Prayer Keys for Business Success is a must read for any Christian in business! Ingrid reveals compelling real-life stories of everyday Christians that have trusted in the power of prayer to sow and reap a good crop for Christ. Now more than ever, Christians in business have a real opportunity to align their business with their mission. The question though is how to effectively achieve this in a business world full of challenges, pit-falls and unethical operators. Ingrid presents a powerful message on how to meet this challenge through the power of prayer, as well as equipping the reader with the practical tools to do so!
Nick Jerrat – Managing Director, IdeaBank

God is intimately and infinitely interested in your business. Ask and you will experience His guidance and blessing. Ingrid has clearly highlighted prayer, as the key to insight, understanding and blessing.”
Mark Bilton, CEO Hagemeyer Brands Australia

Ingrid brings timeless insights to light in a refreshing way and prompts us to think and rethink about our deeply help beliefs about ourselves and about God’s character and attitudes toward us. Read it prayerfully.
David Lancaster

“My wife Ingrid has changed my walk with God and, my understanding that Godly business wisdom is only part of the answer. We need to activate the power of the Holy Spirit through prayer in the birthing, growing and sustaining of our business or calling. Without prayer business is hard; with prayer it’s a lot easier. Why did it take me five years to figure this out? Read the book, do the exercises and learn what my wife has taught me. Thanks Honey.”
Tony Gattari – Founder and Chief Energy Officer at Achievers Group

Ingrid Gattari provides a powerful challenge for Christian business people. We are not here to get by and pay bills. We are here to succeed and be successful so we can be a blessing to other people. We are challenged in this success to put on the belt of truth in business-be truthful and to see prayer is not occasional but a lifestyle in our business life. Read and be inspired to new levels of business living.
Peter Irvine, Co – Founder Gloria Jean’s Coffees – Worldwide

About the Author
Ingrid Gattari, wife of Tony Gattari is co-owner of Achievers Group – a business development and training company based in Sydney. Since rededicating her life to Jesus, God has taken her on a transforming journey where she has learned and put into practise the keys shared in this book. Small miracle after miracle unfolded as she watched God lead her to another hidden gem of Intercession. As a passionate follower of Jesus, intercessor and as a business owner, Ingrid understands the challenges a Christian business owner faces and knows business is their passion, their great concern and their greatest worry. Her heart is to help fellow owners unlock more of God’s favour so they can prosper in their soul and their business. Ingrid Gattari is a journalist, has worked as a pastor, a trainer and currently works with teenagers in the northern part of Sydney.