Secret Business Wisdom

By Lawrence Sprague

For many of us wisdom has been an elusive treasure…

Something sought after but often times unable to be found. If, like me, you find yourself questioning your decisions and looking for that treasure then this book is for you.

Many of us will spend hours looking back on many areas of our life wanting to have made better decisions and choices, when the reality is 5 minutes a day can help you to make those decisions an stop the second guess.

In his book “Oh the Places you’ll go” Dr Suess tells us that we “have brains in our head and feet in our shoes, we can steer ourselves any direction we choose,” right now you are standing at that fork in the road and it’s time to take a step.

We look forward to traveling this great journey together with you.

About the author:
Lawrence Sprague has been involved in business and management both in Australia and throughout Asia for over the last 13 years, having seen many successes and struggles during that time he stumbled across the business wisdom contained in this book, that has helped him in growing the successes and deal with the struggles. He is passionate about small business and seeing them grow and develop. He currently lives in the south-east suburbs of Melbourne Australia where he enjoys encouraging people to chase their dreams, surfing, doing life with his wife Rosanna and raising their 5 amazing children.