Delve into the captivating human story behind the Back In Motion Health Group, revealing the exhilaration and heartache of an entrepreneur’s quest from humble start up to a $100m ASX acquisition of over 140 locations – making it the largest physiotherapy franchise in the southern hemisphere. And whilst infinitesimal in contrast to the towering legacies of Australia’s iconic business dynasties – think of the Murdochs, Packers and Myers – the personal odysseys have much in common.

Live vicariously through the thrilling highs of a mere idea growing into industry acclaim, and the devastating lows of personal betrayal, corporate espionage, legal entanglements, and the unnerving scrutiny of a parliamentary investigation into alleged improprieties. And along the way, don’t miss the importance of faith, family, and gritty resilience as essential companions as Jason searches for purpose and significance.  

An UNLIKELY success, Jason began as a reluctant CEO running an accidental business, feeling perpetually estranged from the corporate world while wishing he was a medical missionary. His epic adventure is equal parts inspiring and surprising, a testament to the extraordinary heights achievable from disappointment and unforeseen opportunities, defying the odds with unwavering determination.

This is the quintessential tale of the underdog, lived – and now told – with uncharacteristic courage and conviction.